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Computing and ICT

Computing National Curriculum



At Churchfield CE Academy, we aspire to help children develop a keen interest in Computing and offer a variety of opportunities to explore the world of technology in an engaging and safe way.  



In this ever growing technological world, here at Churchfield, we understand that keeping children safe online is one of the most important things we can teach them. Every year, Online Safety and Digital Citizenship is taught to all year groups in an age appropriate manner from EYFS to Year 6.  


When teaching computing, we are using Purple Mash that has a comprehensive scheme that covers all aspects of the computing curriculum. Within the scheme, children can learn how to programme, create, research, solve problems and apply their knowledge of Computer Science in a variety of ways. Children can showcase what they have learned by creating games and apps when programming, presentations when researching and animations when creating and much more! The possibilities are endless.  



We strive to integrate the use of technology across the curriculum. A subject such as computing has strong links with science, mathematics, art and design technology. Using technology solutions during the learning of these subjects will allow for the deepening of understanding. When making cross curricular links, the plan is for them to be meaningful and make a positive impact on all children’s learning. This can be carried out by allowing children time to use the computers to research a topic in geography or history, create tables and graphs during science or maths and type up stories and fact files during English.  


Within the teaching and learning of Computing, is the opportunity for children to become digitally literate. This allows children to operate technology in many forms confidently and become empowered to use technology in a constructive way through their educational and even professional futures. 


Using the Purple Mash curriculum allows for children’s knowledge of computing to build up gradually as they continue through their educational journey at Churchfield. As they progress through the academy, children will be taught new vocabulary and skills that will build on what they have learned in previous years. An example of this is how children’s knowledge of programming languages such as logo develops through the school.  


EYFS – Making robots (BeeBots) move around a space  

KS1 – Controlling a sprite using an algorithm made of digital blocks. 

LKS2 – Repeating algorithms to create shapes with a sprite and the pen function with both blocks and simple programming text. 

UKS2 – Creating procedures and programmes using their previous learning to create apps such as mazes and games.  



The academy’s vision for the children in regards to computing is that all children have an equal opportunity to learn what they need to about computing to allow them to succeed in the ever evolving modern day world of technology.  


This is not only being able to use technology confidently but to be able to discuss and articulate what they have learned in a clear and coherent manner.  


The confident use of computers and technological solutions allows children to build confidence, solve problems and create things in a unique way that enables the learning of life skills and time for logical thinking.  


Lots of children in today’s society come across technology in some way outside of school, through smart phones, tablets, laptops, consoles and many more. The way that Online Safety, Digital literacy and Computer science is taught at Churchfield should give them all the tools they need to be an upstanding digital citizen, to stay safe online, use technology in a productive manner and to be proud of their digital footprint – therefore setting them up for the future.  


SEND and Computing  


For those children within the academy that have SEND, computing can be a valuable tool to enable those children to access their learning in an alternative way and achieve alongside their peers. As well as learning how to be digitally literate, it will help children learn how to use the hardware such as a laptop or tablet, by learning these skills we can explore different ways of learning bespoke for each child. At Churchfield there are a variety of ways in which this is done.  


Purple Mash has a wide range of activities that can help children access learning in ways they could not before this includes software such as “MashCams” where children have the opportunity to record themselves speaking about what they have learned rather than using pen or paper. Also included on Purple Mash, are a variety of life simulators. This allows children to look at real life situations such as a trip to the doctors, vets or supermarket and become familiar with it – allowing for a smooth transition into real world circumstances.   


Clicker is a fantastic software used to help children who find it a challenge to write. Whilst typing children can hear their sentences read back to them that can help them check for errors independently. They can also use this software to create mind maps, word banks and presentations about what they have learned.   


Nessy is an educational website that specialises in reading and spelling for children who find it a challenge, especially those with dyslexia. All children on the SEND register have a login to Nessy and have the opportunity access it from home or at school.   


Other hardware such as talking tins – which can record speech, visualizers – which can help a teacher model how to set out learning and iPads that give children access to the software above alongside an adult in groups where appropriate. With all this in place Churchfield aspires to enable all children to access all areas of learning with confidence.   


Planning overviews for each Key Phase