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“Every child deserves a champion: an adult who…insists they become the best they can possibly be”

Rita Pierson, Educator


Curriculum Intent


We are committed to delivering a compelling and empowering curriculum that prepares students for both the present and the future, capitalising on their inherent curiosity and eagerness for new experiences and knowledge. Our curriculum effortlessly incorporates diversity and inclusion, acting as a mirror for our students and fostering a profound sense of belonging by exposing them to experiences that align with their identities.


We perceive the curriculum as the sum of every planned and unplanned experience and interaction that students encounter within our school. It shapes every facet of our practice and culture, ranging from academic content to the personal development of essential characteristics and virtues.


Our curriculum aspires to enhance the life prospects of all children, guiding each one to become:


  • Successful - Thriving in the learning journey, our students find joy, make significant strides, and attain commendable results. 
  • Confident - Empowering individuals to lead confidently, ensuring a life that is secure, healthy, and fulfilling.
  • Responsible - Fostering responsible citizenship, encouraging positive contributions to society.


Our commitment to high academic standards for all pupils is actualised through a comprehensive, meticulously planned, and sequenced curriculum. This ensures that new knowledge and skills progressively build upon prior teachings, leading toward clearly defined endpoints.


Within and beyond the confines of the classroom, our comprehensive and captivating curriculum is carefully crafted to ensure that all students are aware of cultural capital—embracing the highest-quality knowledge, skills, and understandings revered worldwide, nurturing an appreciation for human creativity and accomplishment. We ensure unfettered access to a diverse range of cultural experiences, encompassing live music and dance performances, as well as visits to theatres, museums, galleries, and places of worship. Placing a significant emphasis on the performing arts, physical education, and languages, we offer specialised instruction through dedicated teachers in Music, French, Sports, Drama and Dance.


Our educational approach goes beyond academic realms as we foster the personal growth of our pupils through the embodiment of Churchfield values, our unmistakably Christian ethos, and the cultivation of character. This encompasses education in personal, social, and health matters, nurturing spiritual and cultural awareness, and a dedication to comprehending and empathizing with issues and events at the local, national, and international levels. We actively inspire independent and engaged learners, advocating for pupil voice not only in classrooms but also through involvement in the School Council and the development of leadership skills within the Pupil Leadership Team (PLT).


Our curriculum intentions are best encapsulated in our drivers: Believe; Equality; Lifelong learning; Ongoing respect; Nurturing; Growing in faith; Independent; Never giving up/perseverance; Gaining new experiences – B-E-L-O-N-G-I-N-G.