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Churchfield CE Academy

Living God's Love



Churchfield CE Academy joined the Diocese of St Albans Multi Academy Trust (DSAMAT) on 1st March 2017.


DSAMAT was founded by the Diocese of St Albans, and is a Trust working with schools across Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.  The DSAMAT community has a strong commitment to a shared mission.


Enabling all to flourish: Rooted in God’s Love

This is underpinned by our shared values:

Hope, nurture, collaboration, equality, respect


Our Trust is governed by a range of bodies. Members have strategic oversight for the work of the Trust, include representatives from the Diocesan Board of Finance and Diocesan Board of Education and reflect the range of skills required to oversee an Academy Trust.  Directors of the Trust are appointed by the Members and are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Trust.  The academies are accountable to the Directors who make strategic decisions impacting them.


Regional Hub Boards and Local Governing Boards

Individual academies are governed at a local level either by their own Local Governing Board (LGB), or by a Regional Hub Board (RHB).  RHBs govern a number of academies within a geographical footprint.  RHBs and LGBs have the same level of delegated responsibility from the Directors. 

For more information about the Trust, including our shared policies, procedures and contact information, please visit:

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full

John 10:10


Chair of Governors for Churchfield CE Academy is Miss N Dalvarez

The contact details are:

Churchfield CE Academy 

Cheshunt Wash 





Tel: 01992 463289




Company Registration Number: 10449374

Registered Office: Manshead CE Academy, Dunstable Road, Caddington, LU1 4BB

Local Governing Body


Members                                      Position                                               Term of Office

Natalie Dalvarez                           Chair / Appointed Governor                  27 September 2021

Kate Hardwick                               Headteacher                                        1st December 2015

Helen Bryan                                  Foundation Governor                           21st May 2020

Lindsay Fraser                              Director / Trust Governor                     1st October 2019

Rachel Palmer                              Trust Governor                                     1st September 2021

Charlotte Ruffell                            Staff Governor                                      1st September 2021    

Kat Jones                                      Parent Governor                                   3rd November 2021   

Philip Adepoju                               Parent Governor                                   3rd November 2021    

Vacancy                                        Co-opted Governor