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Visions, Aims and Ethos Statement


In Deo Speramus”


Our Vision

To provide every person with the necessary skills and experience needed to belong in an evolving world whilst knowing they can trust in God


Romans 12:4-5

Each one of us has a body, and that body has many parts. These parts all have different uses. 5 In the same way, we are many, but in Christ we are all one body. Each one is a part of that body, and each part belongs to all the other parts.



  • To ensure all stakeholders have a sense of belonging to our Churchfield family
  • To give our pupils an inclusive, diverse and broad curriculum, to develop the whole child
  • To enable all pupils to be responsible citizens of God’s global community


Ethos - Belonging

B – Believe  

E - Equality  

L - Lifelong learning  

O - Ongoing respect  

N - Nurturing 

G - Growing in faith  

I – Independent 

N - Never giving up/perseverance  

G - Gaining new experiences 


We uphold our Trust’s mission, enabling all to flourish rooted in God’s love. For a child to do this, they need to feel that they belong and are a valued part of the school’s community. At Churchfield, we ensure all our pupils feel that they belong, in our school, in our curriculum and most importantly in the wider world.  


We ensure our pupils are reflected in all that we do, in the curriculum we deliver, the resources we share and the displays in our school community. Diversity should flow seamlessly throughout our curriculum and our children exposed to different cultures, religions and races to enable them to understand the world we live in today and their place in it. Our curriculum choices have been carefully chosen to develop pupils’ understanding of diversity in their world. There are many parts of ‘belonging’ and as our journey progresses, we will continue to explore all areas, including: 


  • Positive, consistent relationships with staff: where children and young people know that adults in the school care about their learning and wellbeing. They feel accepted and express themselves to staff. 
  • Peer relationships: children and young people feel accepted and included by other pupils - the school has low levels of bullying and conflict. 
  • School engagement: children and young people feel committed and actively participate in their learning. 
  • Respectful and nurturing environment: the school generates a sense of community (drawing together parents, children, school staff, outside agencies) through creating a respectful, tolerant and safe environment, backed up by concerns for pupils and families. 
  • Feeling listened to: children and young people are able to voice worries, knowing that their voice matters. 


Creating an environment in which children and young people feel they belong, feel valued and feel cared for is a whole-school responsibility. 


4 R’s

  • Respect - We show consideration to those around us and value ourselves and our community.
  • Resilience - We persevere and can bounce back even when there is a challenge.
  • Responsibility - We make the right choices and take responsibility for our own actions.
  • Reflect – We think carefully and deeply about our choices and work


The Diocese of St Albans Multi Academy Trust:

c/o Manshead Academy

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