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“Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.” 

Lawrence Clarke Powell


English at Churchfield CE Academy includes writing, reading, grammar, phonics, speaking & listening and handwriting. We teach English every day and we believe in high quality teaching to develop the children’s English knowledge and skills. As you will see in our curriculum map, we use texts to hook the children’s interest and include books from a wide range of authors.


We think it is important for the children to have a vast and developing vocabulary so we have a word of the week for Years 1-6. This is shared with the children at the beginning of each week and used in their spoken and written English as much as possible.


All children will write for purpose. In Year 1 to Year 6 the children will produce a Big Write piece of work, at least once every two weeks. This is where the children edit and ‘purple polish’ their writing, celebrating their progress and learning.


During the children’s time at Churchfield we promote reading to ensure children have a love of reading and read for pleasure as well as part of their learning. Children are encouraged to read a much as possible and all classes have an inviting reading corner.


SEND in the English Curriculum


At Churchfield, we identify children who need support and provide intervention in the most effective and efficient way we can. We run intervention groups across the school, supporting children with their phonic recognition, segmenting and blending, as well as supporting their writing and comprehension skills. Teachers plan and teach English lessons which are differentiated to the particular needs of each class. We help each child maximise their potential by providing help and support where necessary whilst striving to make children independent workers once we have helped to equip them with the confidence, tools and strategies that they need. Children are provided with tools to support their English including but not limited to writing templates, word mats, sound buttons and Clicker 8.

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